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Jadranka Rota, Ph.D. student

Contact information:

Jadranka Rota
University of Connecticut
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
75 N Eagleville Rd Unit-3043
Storrs, CT 06269

Tel. +01 860-486-5508
Fax +01 860-486-6364


Research Interests

My research is focused on the systematics, morphology, behavior, and natural history of Microlepidoptera. More specifically, I work on metalmark moths (Lepidoptera: Choreutidae).

Click here to see a photo gallery showing major genera in the family.

Phylogenetics: I am using molecular characters from mitochondrial and nuclear genes to resolve subfamilial and generic relationships.

Morphology: I am especially interested in the morphology of the immature stages. Click here to see some of my SEMs.

Behavior: I work on the behavior of both larvae and adults in the genus Brenthia.

Natural History: Most choreutid larvae skeletonize leaves and leave a typical trail after feeding. Many choreutids pupate in spindle-shaped cocoons. Click here to see some images.

Recent Publications

Rota, J. & D. L. Wagner 2006. Predator Mimicry: Metalmark Moths Mimic Their Jumping Spider Predators. PLoS ONE 1(1): e45. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000045

Wagner, D. L. & J. Rota 2006. Evasive prey mimicry in a tropical tortricid? News of the LepidopteristsŐ Society 48 (4): 115.

Rota, J. 2005. Larval and pupal descriptions of the Neotropical choreutid genera Rhobonda Walker and Zodia Heppner (Lepidoptera: Choreutidae). Annals of the Entomological Society of America 98:37-47.

Curriculum Vitae


EEB 286 General Entomology Fall 2006

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