Distribution of Elatine L. and Bergia L. species throughout the planet

Geographical Area







B. capensis, B. ammanioides, B. serrata,  E. hydropiper, E. triandra, E. ambigua

Yang and Tucker, 2007 in Flora of China


B. capensis, B. ammanioides

D’Almeida, 1941; Kajale, 1939


E. hydropiper, B. ammannioides

Jouharchi and Akhani, 2006; Rechinger 1966. In Flora of Iran.

Japan, Hokkaido

E. triandra var. pedicellata

Mori, 1985


B. capensis, B. ammanioides, E. triandra, and E. ambigua

Backer, 1951, In Flora Malesiana


B. ammannioides, B. suffruticosa, and B. aestivosa

Ghafoor and Ali, 1972, In Flora of W Pakistan

Previous USSR

B. aquatica, B. ammannioides, E. alsinastrum, E. hexandra, E. orthosperma, E. hydropiper, E. hungarica, E. callitrichoides, E. ambigua, E triandra

Gorshkova, S. G. 1949. In Flora of USSR.

Previous USSR

Seeds of E. alsinastrum, E. hexandra, E. hydropiper, E. orthosperma, and E. triandra were recorded from Quaternary deposits

Katz, et al., 1965

North America




E. americana, E. triandra, E. minima

Gauthier and Raymond, 1949, In the genus Elatine in Quebec

Canada, Manitoba

E. americana

Löve and Bernard, 1959

United States    



         The Carolinas

E. triandra

Radford, et al. 1968. In: Manual of Vascular Flora of the Carolinas


E. gracilis, E. heterandra, B. texana, E. californica, E. ambigua, E. rubella, E. chilensis, E. brachysperma, and E. obovata

Mason, 1956, Mason 1957


E. triandra (difficulties in assigning these plants to E. americana or E. brachysperma)

Duncan 1964


B. texana, E. americana

Barkley, 1968. In: A Manual of the Flowering Plants of Kansas


B. texana and E. triandra var. brachysperma

Thiert, 1966 and 1967

        Massachusetts, Nantucket

E. americana

Bicknell, 1913


E. minima

Voss, 1985. In: Michigan Flora.

        Michigan and Wisconsin

E. minima

Carpenter and McCreary, 1985

        NE Minnesota

E. minima, E. triandra

Lakela, In: a Flora of  NE Minnesota


E. triandra var. americana and B. texana (both species very rare in Missouri)

Steyermark, 1962, In flora of Missouri

        Montana, and Yellow Stone National Park

E. triandra, E. americana, E. rubella, E. williamsii

Rydberg 1900, In: Catalogue of the Flora of Montana and Yellow Stone National Park

        New York, Lake George

E. minima

Ogden, 1976

        North Carolina

E. americana and E. triandra

Radford, 1968; Beal, 1977

        Pacific Northwest

B. texana and E. americana

Hitchcock and Cronquist, 1961

        Rhode Island

E. minima, E. triandra

Gould et al. 1998. In: Vascular Flora of Rhode Island


B. texana, E. triandra, E. brachysperma

Correll and Johnson, 1970. In:  Manual of the Vascular Plants of Texas


E. triandra, E. minima

Dole, 1937. In: The Flora of Vermont

        Southeastern US

E. triandra var. americana is reported from western North Carolina, northern Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Missouri; B. texana from Illinois to Arkansas, Texas, Washington, and California

Godfrey and Wooten 1981. In: Aquatic and wetland plants of the southeastern United States.

        Southwestern US

B. texana, E. californica, E. brachysperma, E. chilensis, E. triandra

Correll and Correll, 1975


B. texana, E. brachysperma, and Elatine triandra

Correll and Johnson, 1970

South America




E. chilensis

Heusser, 1971


B. capensis and E. ecuadoriensis

Molau, 1983, In Flora of Ecuador


E. peruviana, E. triandra var. andina

Macbride, 1941, Flora of Peru


E. fassettiana

Steyermark, 1952





B. maireri, B. suffrutocosa, E. alsinastrum, E. brochoni, E. hydropiper, E. macropoda

Quezel and Santa, 1963

Cape Peninsula

B. glomerata

Adamson and Salter (1950)


B. ammannioides

Agnew, 1974.




Central Europe

B. capensis, E. alsinastrum, E. triandra, E. ambigua, E. hexandra, E. brochonii, E. hungarica, E. orthosperma, E. hydropiper, E. campylosperma

Casper and Krausch, 1981


E. alsinastrum, E. ambigua, E. gussonei, E. hexandra, E. hydropiper, E. macropoda, E. triandra



B. capensis (a weed in rice fields in Spain)

Cook, 1968

Sweden and Finland

E, triandra, E. hydropiper

Lohammar, 1973

United Kingdom, British Isles

E. hexandra and E. hydropiper

Godwin, 1975





E. gratioloides (E. americana var. australiensis)

Aston, 1973, In Aquatic Plants of Australia

New Zealand

E. gratioloides (E. americana var. australiensis)

Cheeseman, 1925

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