The following courses are taught by Paul Lewis. For more information about one of these courses, click the image or contact Paul by telephone (6-2069) or e-mail (

Fall 2006 Introduction to Botany (BIO 110) This course covers the structure, physiology and reproduction of green plants as a basis for understanding the broader principles of biology and scientific reasoning. It includes a survey of the different kinds of green plants living on earth, and emphasizes the importance of plants to human life.
Spring 2007 Phylogenetics (EEB 349) was taught for the first time Spring 2005. This course is an introduction to the methodology behind reconstructing phylogenies, which are genealogies that depict evolutionary relationships among species or higher taxa. The course covers estimation of phylogenies from morphological data as well as molecular, and will also treat the burgeoning applications of phylogenies in ecology, evolutionary biology and systematics.
Summer 2006 Woods Hole Molecular Evolution Workshop I lectured on Bayesian phylogenetics at the Woods Hole Molecular Evolution Workshop in July, 2006. Click the icon at left to go to the Workshop web page.