Getting Around - Travel and fieldwork are the best parts of research!

Enjoying lunch on a Finnish bog - in January! I hold a baby Tasmanian
Devil in Hobart.
Pitcher plants (Sarracenia) in a southern Georgia bog Nic Tippery in a southern
Mississippi wetland

Lori Benoit (left) discusses Hydrilla with TNC staff during  a training session. 
Collecting aquatic plants
always is
Aponogeton lancesmithii in northeastern Queensland, so named for its discoverer (see right).
Lance Smith gathers
Aponogeton from his
commercial ponds.

A vintage photo showing some of Australia's ferocious wildlife.
Some specimens NEVER
be collected.
Subtle natural landmarks help us to locate Nymphaeas in a remote section of Queensland.
Key provisions for Aussie
field work

A lethal brown snake awaits wary plant collectors in the "Atherton Tablelands".
The tropics down under
The late Australian aquatic plant expert Surrey Jacobs contemplates a day of field work (1999).
Beautifully reflective gum trees (Nyssa) in South Carolina

Field work in Australia never is dull!
Wetlands near Perth, Australia
Western Australian seagrass habitat
Somebody actually named
this fossil after me!

A friendly warning at a Texas Najas locality! Casey Williams helps us collect Najas and other aquatics in Texas.
Why they don't rent cars to botanists ... Deborah White (Kentucky DNR) leads us to a Najas gracillima site.

Near Flathead Lake, Montana The amazing Darlingtonia californica Field work "out west"
Western Washington

Ursula makes a new friend on a recent
Najas collecting trip!
Hamid relaxes near the
Arizona/Mexico border.
Luckily, this field trip was
The beautiful Pacific coast

A tranquil western USA wetland "A-moose-ing" fieldwork?
WAY too much Ludwigia in California!
A Najas flexilis pond in Alaska

Najas minor invades an Ohio lake In the Sierra Nevada A "serpentine" outcrop in Minnesota Hamid "horses around" in Oregon

Mt. McKinley looms over an Alaskan lake
Howdy from 62o N latitude Spectacular Alaska! Cottongrass

A grazing caribou The fading Matanuska glacier Feeling like Goldilocks (behind a 200 mm lens)
Yep, there's Najas in there!

The Alaska Range
A day at the office No aquatic plants here - why didn't they tell me?
The introduced Muskox

View from the Denali Highway
What a living Dall !
Angie puts herself in harm's way of glacial advance Whoops, almost missed it!

Collecting one way or an "otter"?
Signs that warn of danger ...
"Pond"-ering the landscape "Wolf-Dog" guards the room