Diana's Pool (Aquatic Plant Biology field trip) East Twin Lake (Aquatic Plant Biology field trip) Colin Young finds Bidens cernua growing out of a tennis ball! Connecticut Master Gardeners attend a CONN herbarium workshop

Wolf Rock (Systematic Botany
field trip)
Wolf Rock (Systematic Botany
field trip)

Primary Courses Taught
EEB 3204/5205: Aquatic Plant Biology (Undergraduate/Graduate)
First semester, alternate years. Four credits. Two lectures and two 3-hour field trip/laboratory periods.
Prerequisite: BIOL 1108 or BIOL 1110, or instructor consent.

Field and laboratory-oriented study of the anatomy, morphology, ecology,
physiology, systematics and evolution of vascular aquatic and wetland plants.
EEB 3271/5271 Systematic Botany (Undergraduate/Graduate)
 Second semester, alternate years. Four credits. Two class periods and two 2-hour laboratory periods.
Prerequisite: BIOL 1108 or BIOL 1110.
Classification, identification, economic importance, evolution and nomenclature of flowering plants.
Laboratory compares vegetative and reproductive characters of major families.
BIOL 1108: Principles Of Biology II (Undergraduate)
Either semester. May be taken in either order with BIOL 1107. Four credits. Three class periods and one 3-hour laboratory period.
Students may not receive more than 12 credits for courses in biology at the 1000's level.
A course designed to provide a foundation for more advanced courses in Biology and related sciences.
Topics covered include ecology, evolution, genetics, and  plant biology.
A fee of $10 is charged for this course. CA 3-LAB.

EEB 5895 (Fall, 2012): Next-Generation Sequencing Applications in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
(Graduate Seminar)