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Evo-Devo Discussion Group

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

University of Connecticut

Ventral view of a pseudoscorpion collected by Roberta Engel.

Elizabeth, Moto, and Roberta discussing the mysteries of pseudoscorpions.

Tobias and Jon, hunting herps.

View of the Housatonic River, near Cornwall Bridge, CT. This river supports a large population of the mayfly Ephoron leukon, which hatches into the adult winged stage from the aquatic larval form in huge numbers in late July to early August and causes a near blizzard of insect activity on the banks of this river.

Elizabeth (left) and Inigo on a collecting trip to California looking for Batrachoseps.

RNA interference can be used to disrupt gene expression in Tribolium. The T. castaneum pu-11 enhancer trap line expresses fluorescent GFP protein in the eyes and other tissues. This can be eliminated by injection of dsRNA encoding GFP into pu-11 larvae. The reduced expression level in the resulting adults is comparable to wildtype, which lack GFP activity entirely.

The lab's PCR Idol

Iñigo discussing salamanders during a lab meeting.

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