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This informal, interdepartmental discussion group is organized around recent literature and covers a broad range of topics relevant to evolutionary developmental biology.

Evo-devo is a growing and integrative field that draws on many biological disciplines. Student and faculty participants from all fields are welcome! We hope this less formal setting will also draw those curious about the field, as well as help to develop interdisciplinary contacts and ideas.

A few topics we have considered include:

  • comparative ontogenetics and its relevance to morphological evolution and novelty,
  • the evolution of genomic structure,
  • the prevalence of gene co-option,
  • questions of genetic and morphological homologies,
  • the evolutionary significance of developmental plasticity,
  • genetic assimilation,
  • the roles that genomic and ontogenetic features may play in speciation,
  • phylogenetic consideration of ontogenetic characters,
  • modeling of genetic, developmental, or cellular processes in evolution,
  • the role of genetic and protein networks in evolution,
  • as well as methods from allied fields that would fascilitate investigation into any of these topics.


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