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UC Davis, Plant Biology

One Shields Avenue

  Davis, CA 95616 USA

Office: 2231 Life Sciences

Phone: (530) 754-8692


Postdoctoral Supervisor

Neelima Sinha

Curriculum Vitae

My Bryophyte Blog

Moss Plants and More

Colored SEM of the peristome teeth of Timmia megapolitana

Botanical Society of America 2007 Conant Botanical Images

Second Place



Botany - Non-seed plants - Bryophytes (mosses)  Anatomy - Developmental Morphology Systematics - Evolution

    My research focuses on the development, evolution, and function of plant structures. I study morphological features that are used to distinguish species taxonomically and those that are important for reproduction and fitness. My research also focuses on the relationship between maternal gametophytes and their sporophyte offspring. I use electron microscopy, molecular systematic techniques, and manipulation experiments to address my research questions.

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