Prospective Students


Yang Liu joined the lab as a post-doctoral researcher to work on the Funariaceae project

Rafael Medina (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid) is visiting the lab to work on Orthotrichum phylogeny and evolution

Highlights of the lab in the UCONN Magazine

The Storrs L. OLson bryological library is now on-line.

Congratulations to Jessica for receiving awards from the American Microscopical Society, The International Association of Bryologists and the Botanical Society of America.

See article in Science daily on the Miniature forests of Cape Horn

New publications:

Vanderpoorten A. & B. Goffinet. 2009. Introduction to Bryophytes. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge, UK.

LarraÍn J. , F. Herrera, J. M. Budke , B. Goffinet. 2009. Phylogenetic affinities and conservation status of the Chilean endemic Costesia spongiosa (Gigaspermaceae). The Bryologist 112: 278–286.

Marino P., R. Raguso, and B. Goffinet. 2009. The ecology and evolution of fly dispersed dung mosses (Family Splachnaceae). Symbiosis 47: 61-76.


Research opportunities for students:


Our laboratory offers possibilities for independent studies, and summer research positions through the SURF program at UCONN (hdeadline for applications is beginning of calendar year), and also Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU sponsored through the National Science Foundation). If you are a highly motivated undergraduate enrolled at UCONN wanting to learn laboratory skills such as DNA extraction and sequencing, and thereby acquire research experience, you should contact me . If you are interested in learning more about bryophytes join our weekly discussion group, or sign-up for EEB 240, Introduction to bryophyte and lichen biology (offered alternate spring semesters – every two years from 2009).


Graduate students

Interested in joining the lab to earn your graduate degree? A passion for biology and past experience are each necessary but not sufficient. So tell me more about yourself and your interests. You will find most of the information you need regarding our graduate program through the EEB web page.






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