For directions to get to the University of Connecticut go to this site.


You can find my office by parking in the North Garage at UConn.  This can be found on North Eagleville Rd. to the west of Swan Lake, see the map at this site.

I am in the BioPharm building, which lies behind Torrey Life Sciences, half way between the parking garage and Swan Lake (see previous map) - BioPharm is recognizable by it's ugly green, corroded copper-like top.

From the garage, walk down (east on) N. Eagleville.  Go into TLS (which is just across from the cemetery).  Navigate down to the lowest floor and get to the SE corner of the TLS building.  There is a small passage through to the north end of BioPharm.  Go up the elevator or stairs (opposite; better for you and your carbon footprint) to the 3rd floor.  My office is 300A and is hidden behind the elevator.

My phone number is 860-486-4547 if you get lost.