Photographs - Scotland, May 2006

Anna playing the Steinway in the great hall of Kinloch Castle on the isle of Rhum.

Serena was fascinated by the locks on the Caledonian Canel. This was a feat of Nineteenth Century engineering and connected the ocean on either side of the Scottish highlands, from Inverness to Fort William.

Cawdor Castle

Some of the gardens at Cawdor Castle.

Clava Cairns, in the Nairn Valley near Inverness, is a prehistoric site of standing stones and rock structures.

From left to right: A standing stone at Clava Cairns. Marks on the inside of a chamber at Clava Cairns. Serena in the interior of a cairn.

Cullonden battlefield, where Bonny Prince Charlie and the Jacobites were defeated.

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh runs north from Edinburgh castle. Besides being lined with tourist trap stores, it is architecturally amazing.

The castle of Eilean Donon

We were on a drive from X to X and decided that a good hike would be in order. We had seen a waterfall marked on our map, but could not find it. Finally, we drove past a small fall that seemed promising and a trail that suggested we weren't the first to visit it. It turned out to be a beautiful catatac overlooking Little Loch Broom.

Our journey yields important discoveries...

A highland cow

At Blair Atholl we found the ruins of an old church. In the church was this marker, commemorating the most famous of the Graham clan.

Buccolic Midlothian

Serena with some peat blocks being harvested on Skye.

On the Isle of Rhum, this was one of three phones available to visitors.

A stone railroad tressle spanning the river and much of the valley of Nairn.

A ruined church at the estate of Blair Athol.

From the castle of Dunvegan we took a local seal-watching tour (a guy and his outboard powered skiff).

Serena looking salty on the shuttle from Arisaig to Rhum.

Wee sheepies were never far away...

A tree in the Edinburgh suburban of Rotho, where we spent the first night.

Urquhart Castle on the shore of Loch Ness is one of the most frequently visited in Scotland.

These Viking figure heads were in the Eilean Dollen castle.

Serena walks along a stone wall on our way back from Clava Cairns.

    Copyright 2007 David R. Angelini