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Maz as a puppy


Aziz among books
As a kitten, Aziz loved to crawl into bookcases, and occationally this caused problems...

Ida adopted us when she was about 5 or 6 years old. She had been living with a 99 year-old woman named Ethel, who lived next door. When Ethel became ill and couldn't spend time at home, Ida started living with us. Months later we heard from other neighbors that Ethel was happy we'd taken in the cat, but told us her name was Rebecca Jane. We had already been calling her Ida, and the name just stuck...

Why keep chickiens? We've always been interested in organic gardening and farming, and in the nearly lost methods of homesteading. We took a workshop in keeping backyard poultry, and decided to get these three Coukoo Marans.

Chicks in the woods
The birds eat an enormous quantity of bugs and weeds. We have actually noticed a reduction in the presence of ticks since they're been around.

We got the chicks in late May and by the end of the Fall they had nearly maturated. There's names are Claudia, Naomi, and Maggie. (Named for two supermodels, and former primer minister of the UK, Maggaret Thatcher.)

First Egg
One of the reasons for keeping chickens is for a supply of organic free-range eggs. This is the first we got, laid by Claudia (we think), just before Thanksgiving. This breed is one of those where females and can be identified at hatching. This means all our chicks were confidently female. If we'd had any males, we would have had much more noise, and the eggs would have been fertilized. Fertilized eggs are not particularly palatable...

Claudia & Aziz
The cats hardly gave the chickens a second glance when they were small. Now that the birds are almost larger than the cats, there are some occational confused encounters. This staringt contest over a plate of leftovers ended up being the cover of our "Peace On Earth" card for the 2006 holiday season.

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