Photographs - Critters

Agraulis vanillae
This gulf filliary butterfly was found in Long Key State Park in the Florida Keys. This was on an ill-fated scouting trip I took looking for wild populations of milkweed bugs. I never found any milkweed bugs, but I did run across some other cool creatures.

bald eagle
Sitting in a tree in Florida's Tosohatchee State Recreation Area.

bald eagle juvenile
Only mature bald eagles develop white feathers. This juvenile and a sibling were perched over a road near the Merrimac River in Newbury, Massachusetts, February '07.

button quail
These tiny birds fit in the palm of your hand as adults. The chicks are tiny, and this female had several buried under her fluff. People often keep them in large greenhouses as an organic method to control pest insects. Of course, the quail themselves have to be the cutest things on earth.

Gopherus polyphemus
A box turtle was trying to cross the road just outside Tosohatchee SRA. I got this picture and helped him across.

Wild harbor seals sunning themselves on the rocks off Dunvegan, Isle of Skye, Scotland.

This peacock was particularly keen to show off.

This unidentified crab was eating slime from the fountain of a fancy hotel in Aruba. But it certainly looks natural at this scale...

I'm so glad this guy stood still long enough to get this picture. It's as big as it looks-- about 4 or 5 inches.

filliary butterfly
This unidentified filliary was shot in a butterfly enclosure in Aruba.

These are not marine iguanas. They're "normal" iguanas in Aruba that just happen to be sunning themselves on rocks near the harbor.

Another butterfly. This shot is by Serena's dad, Bill Graham, and was taken at a butterfly enclosure in Dunstable, Massachusetts.

Oncopeltus fasciatus
Embryonic development of the large milkweed bug was the focus of my dissertation.

This is the pupa or chrysalis of an unidentified tropical butterfly.

two pupae

Tenebio molitor
The mealworm beetle.

Porcellio scaber
The sowbug is a terrestrial isopod crustacean that can often be found under damp wood or stones in a garden.

Porcellio scaber embryos
Sowbug eggs are held by the female in a pouch, which is formed by inner branches of the thoracic appendages. As they develop the translucent green-gold yolk is absorbed and you can see the delicate glass-blue embryos grow into tiny isopods.

    Copyright 2007 David R. Angelini