Molecular Biology Resources

NetPrimer - A java tool for designing PCR primers
Reverse Complement DNA
Six Frame Translation - A quick tool for DNA-to-protein translation
Protein-to-DNA reverse translation
ClustalW - web server of the popular sequence alignment tool
FoldAlign - prediction of RNA secondary structure
Tracker -Phylogenetic Footprinting
FamilyRelations 0.7
The Endomesoderm Model - Eric Davidson's classic example of an actual developmental genetic networkin all its complexity
DOGS - The Database Of Genome Sizes
Common Vector Sequences
Drosophila cis-Regulatory Modules
BEAST - Bayesian estimation of divergence times
MrBayes - Bayesian phylogenetic inference, also allowing data partitions
BAli-Phy - simultaneous Bayesian estimatation of phylogeny and sequence alignment
Modeltest - Likelihood-based estimation of DNA evolution models

Organismal Resources

Garden Safari - bugs living near you
Trilobite Classification
The Tree of Life Project
EvolDir - The evolutionary biology listserv
Sea of Cortez Expedition and Education Project
US Endangered Species List
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species
Origin of Species - Darwin's classic text freely available online
The Darwin Manuscripts Project
The Big Evol Bibliography
Biologia Centrali-Americana
uBio - Personalized RSS Alerts
Cicada Brood X - A short film by Roger Hangarter on the mass emergence of cicadas

Biology Blogs

The Panda's Thumb - addressing creationism
Ask A Creationist! -The blog of evolutionary biologist Massimo Pigliucci
Arthropodology - some tales of evo-devo research by Cynthia Hughes
PopGen Radio - a science podcast by Philipp Wesche

Biological Societies

International Heteropterists Society
Coleopterists Society
National Postdoctoral Association

Drosophila Resources

Drosophila Species Project - Sequencing 10 drosophilid genomes!
Interactive Fly - A review of the Drosophila developmental genetic literature from FlyBase
Fly Enhancer - Search for transcription factor binding motifs in the Drosophila genome

Tribolium Resources

BLAST the T. castaneum genome
The T. castaneum genome - Download the raw contigs or scaffolds!
Tribolium Genome Browser - The annotated beetle genome
Tribolium HomePage


Washington Post
Slate Magazine
The Guardian


KEXP 90.3FM Seattle
NPR's This American Life
NPR's All Songs Considered


The Onion
This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow - home of singing kittens
The K-Chronicles
Annals of Improbable Research


Black & White World
KODAK Photochemicals
The Daguerreian Society
Freestyle Photographic Supplies
Large Format Photography


The Brewers' Handbook
Annapolis Home Brew


Walter T. Kelley Company - supplier of beekeeping equipment
Dadant and Sons, Inc.
"Beauty and the bees"
International Bee Research Association
Beekeeper's Home Page
The Drone Frame Method - an organic method of controlling varroa mites


American Orchid Soceity
RHS Orchid Registry Search
International Code of Botanical Nomenclature
Hoosier Orchids
Kauai Orchids
US Orchid Supplies
Countryside Orchids
Santa Barbara Orchid Estate
J & L Orchids
CT Orchid Society
Missouri Botanical Garden

Heat Your House with Biodiesel

Kiwa hirusta - The deep-sea yeti crab-- as a cute stuffed animal
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