Click here to download a zipped file of CodaReader and associated instructions and sample data files.

CodaReader is a free program written to complete steps in the Bayesian analysis of dominance hierarchies, as described by Adams, E.S. (2005) Bayesian analysis of linear dominance hierarchies. Animal Behaviour 69:1191-1201.

The program runs on Windows operating systems.  Note that use of the program assumes that you have first fitted a model to your data using the freeware program WinBUGS (or OpenBUGS) and that you have saved output as a Coda file.  Instructions on how to obtain WinBUGS, and how to carry out these initial steps are included in #1 below.

The zipped file contains the following:

(1) Bayesian Hierarchies Manual.pdf   Describes how to obtain WinBUGS, define a dominance hierarchy model, enter your data, carry out diagnostic steps to be sure that everything is working well, and generate and save a Coda file.

(2) Cockroach.odc   A sample file for use in WinBUGS implementing the Bradley-Terry model for data on cockroaches.  You can modify this file to analyze your own data.  

(3) CodaReader.exe   This program takes a Coda file generated by WinBUGS and summarizes posterior probabilities for various possible rankings of individuals.

(4) Coda Manual.pdf     Instructions for using CodaReader, with an extended example.

(5) Example1.txt    A sample Coda file, for use with CodaReader.  "Coda Manual.pdf" describes how to work with this example to learn the capabilities of CodaReader.