Prospective Graduate Students

Prospective students are strongly encouraged to contact me by e-mail. 

Some students in my lab choose thesis projects close to my own work, while others develop independent projects on other species or questions.  Past students have worked on reproductive competition and division of labor in ant colonies, ant population dynamics, termite population genetics, territory defense, and sex ratio variation in ants.  Our approaches emphasize field and laboratory experiments, combined where appropriate with genetic methods (especially the use of microsatellite markers), and quantitative modeling (simulations, game theory, and Bayesian statistics).

The Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology offers a well-rounded, interactive environment for graduate studies in behavior, ecology, evolutionary biology, and systematics.  Facilities used by our group include the ant collection (with representatives of nearly all of the species known from southern New England), shared equipment for molecular work (including the departments's own automated sequencer), a quarantine room for colonies of invasive ants, and generous lab space in the new Biology/Pharmacy building.

For information on the application process, see the relevant departmental web page.

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