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Class NxsDistanceDatum


class NxsDistancesBlock

Data Members

missing, value

Member Functions

NxsDistanceDatum, ~NxsDistanceDatum

Class Description

This class stores pairwise distance values. It has no public access functions, reflecting the fact that it is manipulated strictly by its only friend class, the NxsDistancesBlock class.

Key to symbols and colors

public, protected, private, A = abstract, C = constructor, D = destructor, I = inline, S = static, V = virtual, F = friend


Data Members
     bool   missing
true if there is missing data for this pair
     double   value
the pairwise distance value stored


Member Functions
C     NxsDistanceDatum()
Initializes value to 0.0 and missing to true.
D     ~NxsDistanceDatum()
Does nothing.