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Class NxsDataBlock

Member Functions

NxsDataBlock, Reset, TransferTo

Class Description

This class handles reading and storage for the NEXUS block DATA. It is derived from the NxsCharactersBlock class, and differs from NxsCharactersBlock only in name and the fact that newtaxa is initially true rather than false.

Key to symbols and colors

public, protected, private, A = abstract, C = constructor, D = destructor, I = inline, S = static, V = virtual, F = friend


Member Functions
C     NxsDataBlock(NxsTaxaBlock *tb, NxsAssumptionsBlock *ab)
Sets id to "DATA" and newtaxa to true, and calls the base class (NxsCharactersBlock) constructor.
    void   Reset()
Calls Reset function of the parent class (NxsCharactersBlock) and resets newtaxa to true in preparation for reading another DATA block.
    void   TransferTo(NxsCharactersBlock &charactersblock)
Converts this NxsDataBlock object into a NxsCharactersBlock object, storing the result in the supplied NxsCharactersBlock object. This NxsDataBlock object will subsequently say it is empty when asked, and the formerly_datablock data member of charactersblock will be set to true.