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Class MyAssumptionsBlock

Data Members


Member Functions

MyAssumptionsBlock, SkippingCommand

Class Description

This derived version of NxsAssumptionsBlock was created in order to provide feedback to the user on commands that are not yet impemented (much of the NxsAssumptionsBlock is not yet implemented, and the NxsAssumptionsBlock version of SkippingCommand is simply the one it inherited from NxsBlock , which does nothing).

Key to symbols and colors

public, protected, private, A = abstract, C = constructor, D = destructor, I = inline, S = static, V = virtual, F = friend


Data Members
     ostream   &outf


Member Functions
C     MyAssumptionsBlock(NxsTaxaBlock *tb, ostream &o)
Class derived from NxsAssumptionsBlock so that an output file stream can be used for reporting unknown commands that are being skipped. Overrides SkippingCommand function for this purpose.
    void   SkippingCommand(NxsString s)
Override of base class virtual function. Simply reports the command being skipped (name of command is in 's') both to the standard output stream as well as to the output stream outf.