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Links to EEB research project web sites

Important! The list below does not tell the full story of research in the EEB department. Please also take a look at the home pages of individual faculty members (see the Research Areas page) to find out what research is happening in individual laboratories.

 NSF Biotic Surveys and Inventories: Biotic Crust Database Project (L. Lewis)
 NSF Biotic Surveys and Inventories: A survey of the sharks and rays of Borneo and their metazoan parasites (Caira)
 NSF Biotic Surveys and Inventories: A systematic survey of the metazoan parasites of elasmobranchs from the Sea of Cortez (Caira)
 Caterpillars of Eastern Forests (Wagner)
 Center for Conservation and Biodiversity (Wagner, Silander)
 Cicada Central (Simon)
 Cliodynamica (Turchin)
 IPANE (Invasive Plant Atlas of New England) (Silander)
 NSF PEET: Monography of the Diphyllidea, Lecanicephalidea, and Tetraphyllidea (Caira)
 NSF PEET: Enhancing taxonomy in the Cestoda (Caira)
 The Odonata Fauna of Connecticut (Wagner)
 Periodical Cicada (Magicicada) Database (Simon)
 Periodical Cicada (non-Magicicada) Database (Simon)
 Project ALAS: Arthropods of La Selva (Colwell)
 Project Bosques (Chazdon)
 The Stone Wall Initiative (Thorson)
 Tapeworms.org (Caira)
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