Ultrastructure of Green Algae and Bryophytes

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EEB 396 special topics: Ultrastructure of Green Algae and Bryophytes.

  • We will meet Monday at 8:45-9:45 in the 3rd floor PharmBio conference room, except for the week of Sept 03 (meeting in same place but on Wednesday instead of Monday).
  • Weekly leaders: Please fill in your topics below and provide a link to the reading or a hard copy of the article in the folder in TLS 314 (EEB office).

Schedule, Fall 2007

Week of: Topic Leader
05 Sept (WED) Overview of cell structure of green algae and bryophytes Lewis
10 Sept
17 Sept
24 Sept
01 Oct
08 Oct
15 Oct
22 Oct (note: LL gone)
29 Oct
05 Nov
12 Nov
19 Nov No meeting - FALL BREAK WEEK Turkey
26 Nov
03 Dec (note: LL gone)

Contact: Louise Lewis louise.lewis@uconn.edu