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(Monday 16th February)
(Monday 16th February)
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| 5:00pm ||Elizabeth Jockusch ||PBB305B
| 5:00pm ||Elizabeth Jockusch ||PBB305B
| 5:30pm || ||
| 5:30pm || Holsinger/Schlichting lab group discussion ||
| 6:00pm || Dinner ||
| 7:00pm || Dinner (Bagchi) ||

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Sunday, 15th February

4pm Arrive by car from PA


Overnight in CT

Monday 16th February

Time Name Room
8:00am Bagchi PBB 205C
9:00am Holsinger PBB 305A
9:30am Nolting
10:00am Evans PBB 322
10:30am Greg Anderson
11:00am Cindi Jones 400 PBB
11:30am Don Les 305C PBB
12:00pm Lunch with grads 3rd floor BioPharm fishbowl
1:00pm Schultz PBB 205B
1:30pm Michael Huston PBB 211
3:00pm Xie & Kilroy TLS 180
4:00pm Chris Elphick TLS 374
4:30pm Sandor TLS 368
5:00pm Elizabeth Jockusch PBB305B
5:30pm Holsinger/Schlichting lab group discussion
7:00pm Dinner (Bagchi)

Overnight in CT

Tuesday, 17th February