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EEB 5894-003: Seminar - Ecology and Conservation of Tidal Marshes

This graduate seminar will focus on the effects of human activity on tidal marshes. We will read the book Human Impacts on Salt Marshes (Silliman et al. 2009. Univ. Calif. Press). Most sessions will be lead by graduate students who will work individually or in pairs to prepare a 40 minute (total) lecture on their topic, followed by 30-40 minutes of presenter-led discussion. Discussion should be centered around a set of question sent out to class participants at least 2 days before the class (i.e., Sunday afternoon at the latest).

The course will run simultaneously, and will involve instructors and students, at five institutions. Meetings will take place on-line, via video conference. To join a class go here and join the "Tidal marsh class" meeting. A new session will be set up each week. The meeting title is case sensitive!

Instructors: Chris Elphick (UConn), Brian Olsen (U Maine), Greg Shriver (U Delaware), Adrienne Kovach (U New Hampshire), Jonathan Cohen (SUNY-Syracuse)

Meeting time: Tuesdays 12:30-2

Location (UConn): BioPharmacy 3rd floor fish bowl (PBB 303) and on-line

To sign up to give a presentation email Chris E.

Week of: Who Topic Reading Notes
28 Aug -- No class Maine students have not yet started classes
4 Sept Chris E. Introduction to tidal marshes Be aware, probably also some trouble shooting ...
11 Sept Chris F. and Kate Physical environment Adam 1990 Saltmarsh Ecology ch 1. Supplemental video
18 Sept Joe Kelley Paleo-history of salt marshes Malamud-Roam et al. p. 11-31 here guest lecture
25 Sept Justine and Jess Plant introductions ch. 1,2,4 Supplemental video
2 Oct Holly and Alyssa Animal impacts ch. 3,5 Alisauskas et al. 2011
9 Oct Becky Trophic interactions ch. 6,7
16 Oct Simona Development/engineering impacts ch. 8,9
23 Oct Whitney Climate change ch. 10,11
30 Oct Sandy Sediment deposition POSTPONED - WILL RESCHEDULE
6 Nov Jen and Lauren Saltmarsh loss ch. 12,13
13 Nov Alison and Cheryl [

http://hydrodictyon.eeb.uconn.edu/courses/conservbiol/unrestricted/Chapter_14_questions.pdf Restoration and management] || ch. 14,15 || may switch readings

20 Nov -- THANKSGIVING: No class
27 Nov James and Mo Marshes outside North America ch. 16,17,18
4 Dec Brian/Greg Wrap-up: what have we learned Chris away
11 Dec Joe Kelley Gulf coast marshes Bonus guest lecture! Chris still away