Tidal marsh seminar

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EEB 5894-003: Seminar - Ecology and Conservation of Tidal Marshes

Meeting time: Tuesdays 12:30-2

Location: BioPharmacy 3rd floor fish bowl (PBB 303) (probably) and on-line

To sign up to give a presentation email Chris.

Week of: Who Topic Notes
28 Aug -- No class Maine students have not yet started classes
4 Sept Introduction to tidal marshes Be aware, probably also some trouble shooting ...
11 Sept Physical environments (tides etc.) (may switch with next
18 Sept Paleo-history of salt marshes may switch with previous
25 Sept Plant introductions
2 Oct
9 Oct
16 Oct
23 Oct
30 Oct
6 Nov
13 Nov
20 Nov -- THANKSGIVING No meeting ???
27 Nov
4 Dec
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