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Chimney swifts in Connecticut[http://www.topix.net/content/trb/2007/09/the-swift-decline]
Chimney swifts in Connecticut [http://www.topix.net/content/trb/2007/09/the-swift-decline]

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BS/MS Student

E-mail: tanner.steeves@uconn.edu
Office: Torrey Life Science (TLS) 463
Voice: (860) 486-6587
Fax: (860) 486-6364

Mailing address:
75 N. Eagleville Road, U-3043
Storrs, CT 06269


B.S./M.S. Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, 2006–Present
Uconn Ornithology Research Group [1]
University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT
Primary Advisor: Margaret Rubega

B.S. Wildlife Management, 2000-2004
University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH [2]


Chimney swifts in Connecticut [3]