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This is the home page of the UConn EEB department's Systematics Seminar. This is a graduate seminar devoted to issues of interest to graduate students and faculty who make up the systematics program at the University of Connecticut.

This (Spring, 2007) semester, we are meeting each Tuesday at 4pm in the BioPharm 3rd. floor "fishbowl" conference room.

Schedule for Spring Semester 2007

January 16, 2007
Organizational meeting, BioPharm 3rd. floor fishbowl, 4pm
January 23, 2007
Smythe, A.B., M.J. Sanderson, and S.A. Nadler. 2006. Nematode Small Subunit Phylogeny Correlates with Alignment Parameters. Systematic Biology 55(6): 972-992.[PDF]
Note from Carrie: Please note that this is DIFFERENT than the paper we decided on at Tuesday's organizational meeting.
This issue of Sys. Bio. is not yet available online therefore I will make a copy and put it in the EEB office. Those with a hard copy subscription of Sys. Bio. should have this issue. Note: for those with copies, Figures 3 and 8 should be in color.
January 30, 2007
Kjer, K. M., J. J. Gillespie and K. A. Ober. 2007. Opinions on multiple sequence alignment, and an empirical comparison of repeatability and accuracy between POY and structural alignment. Systematic Biology 56: 1-14. [PDF]
February 6, 2007
Cancelled due to overlap with Rettenmeyer presentation
February 13, 2007
Lutzoni, F., P. Wagner, V. Reeb, and S. Zoller. 2000. Integrating ambiguously aligned regions of DNA sequences in phylogenetic analyses without violating positional homology. Sytematic Biology. 49: 628-651. [PDF]

Information about joining and using the email list

Past Systematics Seminars

  • Fall 2006
  • Spring 2005
  • Fall 2004
  • Spring 2004 (a.k.a. PhyloMath)