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== Summer Session II 2008<br/> ==
[[Image:Uvularia perfoliata.jpg|thumb|right|''Uvularia perfoliata'' (Lily Family) from Chaffeeville Park near the Storrs campus]]
== Intensive Summer II 2008<br/> ==
Course number: '''EEB 4272'''<br/>
Course number: '''EEB 4272'''<br/>

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Uvularia perfoliata (Lily Family) from Chaffeeville Park near the Storrs campus

Intensive Summer II 2008

Course number: EEB 4272
Dates: July 21 - August 8
Days: MTWThF
Place: Storrs campus
Credits: 3 (open to majors and non-majors)
Instructor: Bryan Connolly
E-mail: bryan.connolly@uconn.edu

Discover Connecticut's great natural heritage this summer. Through a combination of lectures, labs, and field trips, participants will learn:

  • plant family characteristics
  • how to identify flowers
  • techniques for collecting and preserving specimens
  • plant conservation issues