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Discussion Schedule

Week of: Who Topic Notes
24 Sep Chris Simon Genomics Projects in the Simon Lab; Digging for cicada nymphs 7th October
1 Oct
8 Oct
15 Oct
22 Oct
30 Oct
6 Nov
13 Nov
20 Nov Leroy Robinson "In a Novel Theory of Mental Disorders, Parents’ Genes Are in Competition" "Psychosis and Autism as Diametrical Disorders of the Social Brain" (Only Read page 1-15, unless you have a whole lot of free time!)


David Haig's 2003 paper "What Good is Genomic Imprinting: The Function of Parent-Specific Gene Expression" (One of the major influences on the Crespi and Badcock paper)(Optional Reading)

4 Dec Chiron Otero "In Bias Test, Shades of Gray" "How Do You Measure Bias?" is a follow-up in Tierney's blog explaining more about the debate.

Also, please take the Race IAT here (and remember your results!) as it will be discussed.

The two main scientific articles referenced in the NYT piece are here and here, but feel free to read them casually as they are a bit technical.

Related Reading

This space is for posting links to readings of interest external to the NYT. Students may consider leading a discussion on materials in the list below; if you wish to use one of these, get approval from Margaret first. Students using pieces not drawn from the list below should be sure to warn the rest of the group well in advance, so everyone has a chance to read the relevant piece in time.

An article from the Columbia Journalism Review on the practice of writing science news from press releases, rather than from interviews

A Science article on communicating the risks of Climate Change

News Humor!

The Washington Post's "GREEN: Science. Policy. Living." page, online.

A report on evidence of media bias from Scientific American

Peter Vitousek's 1994 MacArthur Lecture on Ecology and Global Change, wherein he notes that we are not doing a very good job of communicating our evidence to the public. Uh, yeah.

The first of two-part piece from the Columbia Journalism Review on Public Opinion and Climate Change

Part Two of the CJR Public Opinion and Climate Change piece.

Governor Palin's stance on teaching creationism in the classroom From the Anchorage Daily News, this ran during the last gubernatorial race in AK.