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Rebeca Rosengaus
Institution: Northeastern University
Seminar Title: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: emergent properties of insect immunity
Time and Place: 4:00 PM Thursday 11 February 2016, in BPB 131
Contact: Eldridge Adams

Thursday Feb. 11

Time Name Room
11:30 Eldridge Adams BioPharm 205A
12:00 Lunch with grad students TLS171B (Bamford room)
2:00 Robert Bagchi Biopharm 205C
2:30 Jonathan Klassen
3:00 EEB 3894 undergrad Seminar; Dustin Ray and Cera Fisher TLS 181
3:30 Pre-seminar snacks TLS171B (Bamford room)
4:00 SEMINAR BPB 131
5:00 Dinner TBA