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Dr. Carl Schlichting, our Fearless Leader


Dr. Carl D. Schlichting is the fearless leader of the lab. Between saving helpless tourists from baboons, a refined palette for the pairing of wines with academic journals, and an exceptional level of dedication to the music of the 1980s, Schlichting is not only one of the greatest, but the most unusual, advisors of all time.

He also needs to upload a bio.

Graduate Students

Colin J. Carlson


Colin is a second-semester Master's student. After completing his undergraduate work with a B.S. in EEB and a B.A. in Environmental Studies from UConn in 2012, Colin returned to the lab to work on a number of different projects pertaining to adaptation of ecosystems and societies to climate change. His previous work has focused on understanding the ecological implications of phenotypic plasticity for adaptation to climate change in the South African genus Pelargonium. His research has also focused on a number of broader social issues, including the relationship between religion and conservation (in the intersection formed by sacred forests); the protection and legal ownership of traditional ecological knowledge; and resilience of social and ecological systems to climate change as a function of cultural stability. His current work focuses on identifying the factors that drive species to extinction, using historical data to reconstruct actual extinction events, and thereby identify the factors that caused them.

James "Kimchee" Mickley

James Mickley's favorite food is kimchee. He is known, on various occasions, to have thrust this kimchee as well as unusual side dishes (ranging from bear meat to a wide array of exceptional teas) onto any passerby who stop in the lab. He also needs to upload his bio.

Katherine Shaw

Kat Shaw's superpower is invisibility. Her work gets done, papers move mysteriously around her workspace, her laptop comes and goes, yet she is rarely actually sighted in a fully-condensed physical state. She also needs to upload a bio.

Timothy Moore

Timothy Moore is a hit with all the ladies (and some of the guys...), due to his exotic South African (not British!) accent, his propensity to call things "legendary", and an unusual history as an ultimate frisbee player. He also needs to upload his bio.


Eldar Kurtovic (Spring 2012)

Mentors: C. Carlson, J. Mickley

Kali Block(Fall 2012-)

Mentors: K. Burgio (Rubega Lab), C. Carlson

John Boak (Spring 2012)

Mentors: C. Carlson