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<div style="text-align: center">Roberta Engel</div>
<div style="text-align: center">Department of Biological Sciences </div>
<div style="text-align: center">University of Notre Dame</div>
<div style="text-align: center">Notre Dame, IN</div>
<div style="text-align: center">Tel. (574) 631-4151 E-Mail: rengel at nd.edu</div>
<div style="text-align: center">Web Page: http://hydrodictyon.eeb.uconn.edu/eebedia/index.php/Roberta_Engel</div>
Postdoctoral Research Associate (Feb. 2012 - present)<br>
Severson Lab<br>
Dept. of Biological Sciences<br>
University of Notre Dame, IN<br>
Ph.D. Dec. 2011
:::::Jockusch Lab<br>
:::::Dept. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology<br>
:::::University of Connecticut <br>
M.A. 1986
:::::Curriculum & Instruction<br>
:::::Teachers College, Columbia University, NY<br>
B.A. 1982
:::::Art (major); Biology (minor)<br>
:::::Middlebury College, VT<br>
==Professional Employment==
1988 - 2003    Elementary School Teacher, South Kingstown School Dept., RI<br>
2000 - 2001    English Teacher, China Institute of Metrology, Hangzhou, China <br>
==Scientific Awards & Fellowships==
2012 NSF Estimating Species Tree Workshop Travel Award <br>
2010 EEB/CSMNH Award, James A. Slater Endowment <br>
2008 NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant <br>
2008 Best Student Talk, Northeast Biological Graduate Students Conference <br>
2007 Northeast Alliance at the University of Connecticut Summer Research Program Mentor <br>
2006 Society of Systematic Biologists Mini-PEET Award<br>
2006 SICB Fellowship for Graduate Student Travel<br>
2006 EEB/CSMNH Award, James A. Slater Endowment <br>
2005 Center for Conservation Biology, University of Connecticut (UConn)<br>
2005 EEB/CT State Museum of Natural History Award (CSMNH), Lawrence R. Penner and James A. Slater Endowments<br>
2005 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Honorable Mention
2005 American Arachnology Society<br>
2004 Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Dept., UConn (EEB) Award, George Lamson Endowment<br>
2004 NSF East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute Fellowship<br>
2004    Australian Academy of Science Summer Institute Fellowship<br>
Engel, R.S. Novel discovery of lamellar papillae on the grooming organ in Synsphyronus  (Garypidae: Pseudoscorpiones). Accepted  Arthropod Structure and Development
==Dissertation Chapters==
i. Evolution of the genus Synsphyronus Chamberlin (Pseudoscorpiones): a species level phylogeny of the Australian fauna inferred from four nuclear genes. Spring 2012, targeted journal: Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution <br/>
ii. Diversification on the Bare Hills of Granite: Evolution of pseudoscorpions endemic to the outcrops of southwestern Australia. Fall 2012, targeted journal: Evolution<br/>
iii. EF1α, the evolution of a multi-copy nuclear gene in pseudoscorpions. <br/>
==Oral Presentations==
2009 “Diversification of Pseudoscorpions on Granite Outcrops in Southwestern Australia”; Evolution 2009, Moscow, ID <br/>
2008 “Character Evolution in the genus Synsphyronus (Pseudoscorpiones : Garypidae)”; American Arachnology Society Annual Meeting, Berkeley, CA <br/>
2007 “Origins of Synsphyronus Chamberlin (Pseudoscorpiones) diversity on the outcrops of southwestern Australia”; Entomological Society of America, San Diego, CA <br/>
2007 “Origins of Synsphyronus (Pseudoscorpiones) diversity on the outcrops of southwestern Australia”; American Arachnology Society Annual Meeting, PA<br/>
2010 “Diversitification on the outcrops of southwestern Australia”; Honors Topics in Modern Biology, EEB Dept., UConn<br/>
2008 “Diversity of Synsphyronus Chamberlin on the outcrops of southwestern Australia”; Monday Evening Seminar, EEB Dept., UConn<br/>
2008* “Origins of Synsphyronus Chamberlin (Pseudoscorpiones) diversity on the outcrops of southwestern Australia”; Northeast Biological Graduate Students Conference, ME<br/>
2007 “Origins of pseudoscorpion lineages endemic to the outcrops of southwestern Australia”; Graduate Student Symposium, EEB Dept., UConn<br/>
2006 “Pseudoscorpion Diversity of southwestern Australia”; Connecticut Entomological Society, CT<br/>
*awarded best student presentation<br/>
==Mentor Experience,including under-represented minorities in STEM fields==
2009-2010 I mentored three undergraduates from the University of Connecticut. Projects included collecting, sorting, imaging, and databasing pseudoscorpions. (3 semesters)<br/>
2007 I mentored an undergraduate from Johnson C. Smith University who was a participant in the Northeast Alliance Summer Research Program. I provided guidance in the lab and we met weekly to discuss evolutionary biology papers. <br/>
==K-12 STEM Initiatives & Educational Awards==
1994-2003 Rhode Island School of the Future (RISF) Robotic Park, taught students to build Lego robots and to program them using LOGO language<br/>
1999         National Geographic Society Education Fund award for ‘Source to Sea: An Interdisciplinary Unit of Study of the Saugatucket (RI) Watershed’ <br/>
1998-1999 Teaching about the New China I-II, five weeks of fully funded travel throughout China, Programs in International Educational Resources, Yale Center for International Area Studies<br/>
1998 SMILE (Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences), co-taught an after-school science and math enrichment program for under-represented minorities and economically disadvantaged students<br/>
1994 Rhode Island Teachers and Technology Institute, trained to integrate technology into classroom activities<br/>

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