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  • arriving by air (Delta flt 5051 Monday, July 10th at 4:13 pm BDL, from Atlanta)
  • Janine Caira and Marta Wells will pick Rafael and Paula up at airport
  • Booked into Tolland Inn for evenings of July 10th through July 14th (departure Saturday, July 15th)

Monday, July 10th

6:30 pm Dinner {with Janine Caira and Marta Wells}

Tuesday, July 11th

8:00 Janine will pick up at Tolland Inn
8:30–10:00 Breakfast and project meeting with AAGC grant team {Bernard Goffinet, Jane O'Donnell, 
           Geert Goemans, Janine Caira [EEB],Leanne Kenney Harty & Collin Harty [Connecticut State
           Museum of Natural History]} [Collections Library](Leanne will organize food, etc.)
10:00 Tour of Collections facility {Geert and Janine} 
11:30 LUNCH [location?] {with Carl Schlichting [Department Head EEB]}(JNC will bring to Carl; Carl will return to JNC)
2:00–3:15 Meet with John Bell [Director of Puppetry Museum]  [Puppetry Museum, Downtown Storrs] [JNC will bring to Puppetry]
3:15 Meet with Cora Lynn Deibler (Dept. Head Art & Art History) [Puppetry Museum]
6:00 Dinner [Jorgensen] {with Fine Arts dean Anne D'Alleva and Fine Arts design team
          [CRT production of the News Stand]} (JNC will bring to Jorgensen)
8:30 Anne will organize their return to the Tolland Inn

Wednesday, July 12th

7:30–9:00 Breakfast [Tolland Inn]
9:15 Janine will will pick up at Tolland Inn 
10:00 Coffee with CLAS Dean Davita Glasberg [Student Union] [JNC will bring to Union]
12:10–1:30 LUNCH with Kathryn Libal [Director Human Rights Institute] [location?]
3:00 Meet with Vice Provost Amy Donahue and Benton Museum Director Nancy Stula
     [Benton Museum](Bernard will escort to the museum)
4:00 First look at Benton space
7:00 Dinner at Caira home with AAGC team, Anna Lindemann & Greg and Mona Anderson (EEB)
     (Geert & Kathleen will pick them up and bring them to dinner;
      Bernard will return them to the Tolland Inn)

Thursday, July 13th

7:30–9:00 Breakfast [Tolland Inn]
9:00 Janine will will pick up at Tolland Inn and bring to Dog Lane Cafe 
9:30 Coffee with Dean Anne D'Alleva and Fine Arts faculty [Dog Lane Cafe]
12:00–1:30 LUNCH [Anna Lindemann home] {with Leanne Kennedy Harty [CT State Museum of Natural History],
                 Clarissa Ceglio [Digital Humanities]} (Leanne will bring them to and from Anna's house)
1:30 Meet with Mark Overmyer-Velazquez [El Instituto] (JNC will bring to and return the from the Ryan building)  
3:00–4:30 meet with Provost Competition personnel {Cathy Schlund-Vials & Bruce Cohen [English],
          Jeff Shoulson & Aaron Roseman [Judaic Studies] & Kathy Libal & AAGC team
          [Torrey Life Sciences Rm. 171B]
7:00 Dinner at ? {with Veronica Bueno and Kaitlin Gallagher who will also return them to Tolland Inn}

Friday, July 14th

7:30–9:00 Breakfast [Tolland Inn]
9:15 Bernard will pick up at Tolland Inn 
10:00 Benton Museum to look further at space
12:00–1:30 LUNCH [Location?] {with Pam Diggle [EEB]} 
2:00 (To be confirmed: Visit sculpture workspace with Monica Bock and/or Ray DiCapua?)
7:00 Dinner at ? {with Bernard Goffinet who will also return them to Tolland Inn}

Saturday, July 15th

7:30–9:00 Breakfast [Tolland Inn]
9:00 Marta Wells will pick up and do tour of area?
2:00 Depart Storrs for airport (Marta Wells)
4:55 Depart on Delta flt 5935 from BDL