Official Host Duties

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The "Duties" of parties involved in the schedule of each guest speaker are as follows:

The Official Host is responsible for:

  • double checking that your guest has arranged his/her travel with Kathy
  • ensuring your guest's schedule is fully populated!
  • arranging transportation to and from the airport, Tolland Inn, restaurants, etc. (even if your guest is driving)
  • sending an e-mail reminder to the EEB departmental e-mail list the week of the seminar
  • arranging AV needs (laser pointer, computer, proper adapters, etc.; there is now an HDMI cable in BPB 130)
  • verifying your guest consents to his/her seminar being taped (and communicating that info to Yaowu)
  • introducing your guest before his/her seminar
  • Holding a reception for your guest the evening of the seminar (unless someone else has volunteered for this as per the EEBedia pages)
  • providing your guest with the UConn New Vendor Form and a W-9

Kathy Tebo is responsible for:

  • arranging flights (for those not driving)
  • arranging accommodation at the Tolland Inn
  • sending seminar announcements to relevant departments (and to Mike for distribution to CESE)
  • posting seminar fliers
  • providing Official Host with Vendor and W-9 forms

Pat Anderson is responsible for:

  • will post a simplified version of the seminar announcement on the Torrey TV screens

Yaowu Yuan is responsible for:

  • posting the whole series on the Daily Digest
  • arranging to have the seminars taped and made available to regional campuses
  • preparing the seminar fliers (as per the template he generated)
  • making certain the entire thing runs smoothly

Janine Caira is responsible for:

  • arranging for the guest to meet with the Provost and/or Dean
  • arranging for transportation to and from Gulley Hall and Austin Bldg.