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=== Nicholas P. Tippery ===
== Nicholas P. Tippery ==
Ph.D. Candidate<br>
Ph.D. Candidate<br>

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Nicholas P. Tippery

Ph.D. Candidate
Advisor: Don Les

Office: BioPharm 317
Voice: (860) 486-3937
Fax: (860) 486-6364

E-mail: nicholas.tippery@uconn.edu


EEB GSA Secretary

Research Interests

My graduate research involves the aquatic and wetland plant family Menyanthaceae Bercht. & Presl[1], in particular the systematics and taxonomy of species, and the evolution of floral reproductive systems. Species of Menyanthaceae are found worldwide, and are currently divided taxonomically among five genera. The reproductive systems of Menyanthaceae species are of particular interest, because the family contains both hermaphroditic and dioecious species, and many hermaphroditic species are also heterostylous. In addition, species in the genus Nymphoides Ség., while rooted in the substrate, have a floating-leaf habit reminiscent of many other, unrelated aquatic plant lineages.