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Mark Urban, Assistant Professor<br/>
Mark Urban, Assistant Professor<br/>
Tanisha Williams, Doctoral Student
Tanisha Williams, Doctoral Student
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The Nature, Science, and Society Seminar in the Ecology and Evolutionary Department at UConn

This seminar involves faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and local citizens. The point is to engage in a broader discussion of the place of nature and science in our society.

2012-13 Participants

Greg Anderson, Professor Emeritus
Mona Anderson, Associate Research Professor
Lara Ariori, Master's Student
James Bernot, Master's Student
Alyssa Borowske, Doctoral Student
Bob Capers, Staff Botanist
Wen Chen, Doctoral Student
Marilyn Gould, Master's Student
Don Hoyle, Mansfield Center, CT
Michael Hutson, Doctoral Student
Brian Klingbeil, Doctoral Student
Gene Likens, Special Advisor to President on Environmental Affairs and Distinguished Research Professor
Jessie Rack, Doctoral Student
Dustin Ray, Doctoral Student
Beth Timpe, Doctoral Student
Mark Urban, Assistant Professor
Tanisha Williams, Doctoral Student