Monday Evening Seminar

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Periodically throughout the semester, the department holds informal presentations by graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty. These take place at private residences, usually faculty homes, on either a Monday or a Tuesday. Seminars begin at 8:00pm with snacks served at 7:30pm. Directions are typically available in the EEB Office on the day of the seminar.

Fall 2007 Evening Seminars

Monday, October 22

Thiago Rangel

Simulation spatial patterns in bird species richness under niche dynamics processes
Host: Bryan Connolly

Tuesday, November 13

Laura Cisneros

The ecology and behavior of monkeys in Peru and Ecuador
Host: Chris Simon

Monday, November 26

Kathryn Theiss

The demographics and genetics of Angrecoid orchids in Madagascar
Host: Kent Holsinger