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==== Monday, March 23====
==== Monday, March 23====
'''[[Christopher Owen]]'''
'''[http://hydrodictyon.eeb.uconn.edu/projects/cicada/simon_lab/member_pages/member.php/ Chris Owen]'''
:'''Title:''' "TBA"
:'''Title:''' "TBA"
:'''Host:''' [[Chris Simon]]  
:'''Host:''' [[Chris Simon]]  

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Periodically throughout the semester, the department holds informal presentations by graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and faculty. These take place at private residences, usually faculty homes, on either a Monday or a Tuesday. Seminars begin at 8:00pm with snacks served at 7:30pm. Directions are typically available in the EEB Office on the day of the seminar. Schedules from previous semesters are archived here.

Spring 2009 Evening Seminars

Monday, February 2

Sarah Treanor

Title: "Evolution of an invasive species biologist"
Hosts: Vanessa Boukili, Laura Cisneros, and Sarah Treanor
I plan to discuss previous research experiences highlighting how these experiences have led to my current research. Per request I will quickly talk about and show some cool photos from my work with the California Condor Recovery Program, The National Elk Wildlife Refuge, prescribed fire management, and various research projects conducted on Nantucket Island. These experiences will lead into a discussion of my current research on invasive species demography and impact to recipient communities.

Monday, March 23

Chris Owen

Title: "TBA"
Host: Chris Simon