Michael Donoghue

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  • arriving by car
  • Tolland Inn booked for evenings of Feb 18th and 19th
  • Offical Host: Carl Schlichting 6–4056 Duties
  • Reception at: Henry and Jones' home

Wednesday, February 18

Arrival time: Early evening

 Dinner with Schlichting, _______ @ Camille's (time TBD)

Thursday, February 19

8:00—9:30 Breakfast [Tolland Inn]{with Carl Schlichting, Cindi Jones who will bring him to campus}  
10:05 depart TLS for Austin Bldg {Janine Caira will bring him over and to the Provost and back} 
10:15–10:45 Meeting with Dean [Austin Bldg.] 
11:00–11:30 Meeting with Provost [Gulley Hall]
11:45–1:00 Lunch with grads [Bamford Conference Rm. TLS 171B]
1:00–2:00 Tour of Collections & Greenhouses {Jane O'Donnell & Clint Morse}
2:00 Hamid Razifard [Bio/Pharm 317]
2:30 Lily Lewis [Bio/Pharm 312]
3:00—3:20 meet with EEB 3894 students [Bamford Conference Rm. TLS 171B]
3:30–4:00 Reception [lobby of BPB]
4:00–5:30 Seminar:  Viburnum Evolution Turned Upside Down: Implications for Diversification and Biome Shifting [BPB 130]
5:45–7:15 Dinner [location?] {with Bernard Goffinet, Paul Lewis, Louise Lewis,______}
7:30–9:30 Reception [Charles Henry and Cindi Jones home]
9:30 Lewis' will return him to Tolland Inn

Friday, February 20

8:00—9:30 Breakfast [Tolland Inn] {with Janine Caira, ______ who will also bring him to campus}  
9:30 Goffinet PBB 300
10:00 Elizabeth Jockusch PBB 305B
10:30 Jones Lab PBB 405
11:00 James Mickley [TLS 363]
11:30 Schlichting/Holsinger Grads [Rm. TLS 363A]
12:00–1:00 Lunch with ______, ______, ______
1:30 Departs campus? (or he could probably stay longer if we needed him to!)