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This page is for graduate students pursuing a thesis-based Master of Science (MS) degree in EEB and their advisers. BS/MS students should consult the BS/MS web page. This document is provided as a convenience, and it is important to consult the Graduate Catalog for authoritative information on university-level requirements, or for clarification and elaboration of information found here. A more detailed account of EEB's academic guidelines for MS students will be included in the forthcoming EEB Student Handbook and is currently available here. If Graduate School guidelines conflict with the EEB Handbook, please notify Chris Elphick immediately. There is a corresponding ontogeny for PhD students.

The time-line described below applies to all students who matriculated in, or after, Fall 2014. Students who joined the program earlier are encouraged to track these guidelines as closely as possible.

Full course load

The Graduate Catalog (available on the Graduate School web site) says that a full time on-campus student must enroll in 6 or more credits if holding a 50% (or greater) TA/RA or 9 credits if not on a TA/RA. If working on an off-campus project, see the Graduate Catalog for details.

Advisory committee

EEB MS students are expected to:

- Form a provisional committee of at least 3 faculty members, including the major adviser, before the start of the second semester.

- Finalize committee membership before the end of the second semester.

- Meet with their committee at least annually.

Plan of study

EEB MS students are expected to submit a Plan of Study to the Graduate School before the end of the second semester. See the Graduate School web site for the latest information on what the Plan of Study entails.

Thesis defense and exam

EEB MS thesis students are expected to complete their thesis, present their thesis research to the department, and take their final MS exam before the end of their fourth semester.

Prior to the thesis exam:

- Distribute a complete draft of your thesis chapters to your committee at least two weeks before the exam date.

- Check the Graduate School web site for other university requirements associated with completing your degree.