M.S. Ontogeny

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This page is for graduate students pursuing a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in EEB and their advisor(s). This document is provided as a convenience, but please consult the Graduate Catalog for authoritative information, or for clarification and elaboration of information found here. If you would like this information in the form of a table that can be printed, filled in and kept on file, Eric Schultz's original M.S. Ontogeny documents can be downloaded in either Word or PDF format. There is a corresponding ontogeny for Ph.D. students.

Full course load

The 2013/2014 Graduate Catalog says (p. 15) that a full time on-campus student must enroll in 6 or more credits if holding a 50% (or greater) TA or RA (9 credits if not a TA/RA). If working on an off-campus project, see the Graduate Catalog for details.

Advisory committee

Formation of the advisory committee is recommended prior to completion of 12 credit hours of course work. The committee should include at least 3 faculty members: the major advisor, a second advisor (normally from EEB), and a third advisor, who must be a member of the graduate faculty at UConn.

Plan of Study

It is recommended that the Plan of Study be filed with the Graduate School prior to completion of 12 credit hours of course work.

Thesis plan approved

Thesis filed

Completion of degree is expected "within two years or so." Thesis should be filed by August 31, December 31 or 13 days prior to commencement.