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<gallery caption="GSA Logo Contest - Totebag">
<gallery caption="GSA Logo Contest - Winning Design for Totebag">
Image:frog.png|"EEB frog"
Image:frog1.png|"leaves frog"
Image:Totebaglogo.png|"oak tree"
<gallery caption="GSA Logo Contest - Nalgene Bottle">
Image:Adapted_Neec.png|"oak logo"
Image:BottleIdea.png|"Greek logo"

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In the upper left corner you will find the image initially chosen for the EEBedia logo, but it is not set in stone! Contribute an image that you think would make a nice logo for the EEBedia and, once we've accumulated a number of good ideas, we will have a vote and choose a new logo.

To add your own image, follow these steps:

  • Create an image the width and height of which are both 125 pixels. Your logo will look better if it has a transparent background (which means you will need to use either gif or png format; jpg doesn't allow transparency).
  • Get an EEBedia account if you don't already have one (you need an account in order to submit your image)
  • Upload your image using the Upload file link in the toolbox section to your left
  • Return to this page and edit it, adding your entry after the others. The first entry shows the original logo: just copy and modify this text to add your image to the gallery.
  • Note: Some colors are distorted in the thumbnail pictures below. Click on each image to see the most accurate representation.