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*[[Chien Lo]] (Undergraduate Student in EEB and MCB)
*[[Chien Lo]] (Undergraduate Student in EEB and MCB)
*Jared Rada (Undergraduate Student in Biology)
*Jared Rada (Undergraduate Student in Biology)
*Diba Khan-Bureau (Ph.D. student in NRE, coadvised with L.Lewis and G.Robbins)
[[Image:mollyhilary.jpg|thumb|right|''Molly Letsch and Hilary McManus at the 2007 PSA meeting.'']]<br/>
[[Image:mollyhilary.jpg|thumb|right|''Molly Letsch and Hilary McManus at the 2007 PSA meeting.'']]<br/>

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Top row (l to r): Miracle Tali, Louise Lewis, Chien Lo. Bottom row: Nicole Piatt, Molly Letsch, and Karolina Fučíková. Summer 2007

My lab is located in Pharmacy/Biology Building, rooms 311 & 313
69 North Eagleville Road, Storrs, CT 06269-3043 U.S.A.
Phone: +1 860-486-1811

Current Lab Members

Molly Letsch and Hilary McManus at the 2007 PSA meeting.

Affiliated Faculty

Former Lab Members and Visitors

  • Valerie R. Flechtner (Emeritus Professor, Department of Biology, John Carroll University) visited our lab in 2007, 2008, and will be visiting in early summer 2009.
  • Nicole Piatt (Undergraduate Student EEB) worked in our lab for 2 years. She is on her way to the Pennsylvania College of Optometry.
  • Nicole Pietrasiak visited in 2007, 2008 (former M.S. student at John Carroll University and now a Ph.D. student at UC Riverside working with Robert Graham).
  • Miracle Tali (NSF REU and NEAGEP Student from ASCC).
  • Hilary McManus (Ph.D. student 2001-2007, then Postdoctoral Associate at University of Michigan with Y.-L. Qiu) is now a visiting faculty member in EEB.
  • Dennis Gray (Postdoctoral Associate 2005-2006): currently a Postdoctoral Associate in the Plants, Soils, and Biometerology Department at Utah State University.
  • David Hoover (BS 2003): Just completed a Master's degree in the Integrative Geosciences Program at Uconn. Now in the Ph.D. program at Colorado State University, Fort Collins.
  • Karen Erickson (Research Associate): currently a Research Associate at Connecticut College.
  • Jarmila Holkova
  • Gizele Richards (BS 2003): currently pursuing a graduate degree in Environmental and Resource Policy at George Washington University.
  • Brad Goupil (BS 2003): earned a BS/MS in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology.
Dave Hoover (left) and Frank Trainor (right), with Hydrodictyon bloom in Mirror Lake, Uconn campus.
Hard at work in the lab.