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  • arriving by air (Delta flt 1690 April 20th at 4:30 pm BDL, from Atlanta)
  • Janine Caira will pick up and bring to hotel
  • Nathan Hale booked for evenings of April 20th, 21st and 22nd

Wednesday, April 20th

6:00 pm Dinner [Utsaf] {with Janine Caira, John Volin, & Mike Willig}

Thursday, April 21st

8:00—9:15 Breakfast [Nathan Hale]{with Maria Chrysochoou?, _____________________, ____________________} 
9:15 Janine will pick him up at Nathan Hale and escort him to Gulley Hall
9:30–10:00 Mun Choi (Provost) [Gulley Hall] 
10:15 Janine will escort him to Jeremy
10:15–10:45 Jeremy Teitelbaum (Dean CLAS) [Austin Bldg]
10:45 Janine will return him to TLS
11:30 Lunch [Location?] {with ????}
12:30–1:45 Lecture EEB 2244 (General Ecology) [BPB 130] {Miranda Davis}
           "The Ecology of Infectious Disease: Using Ecological Principles to Solve Environmental
                Problems in the Florida Keys" 
2:00–3:30 Meet with Graduate Students [Lobby BPB]
3:30 Janine will escort him to Caastleman
4:00–4:30 Kazem Kazerounian (Dean Engineering) [Castleman Bldg. Rm. 338]
4:30 Mike Willig will pick up at Castleman
5:00–6:30 pm Mike Willig [CESE]
6:30 Dinner [Location?] {with Jack Clausen, Dave Wagner}

Friday, April 22 EARTH DAY

8:15—9:15 Breakfast [Nathan Hale?] {with Rich Miller, Mark Urban, Anji Seth, Sarah Munro, Tracy Rittenhouse}
9:15 Rich Miller or Mark Urban will escort him to BPB  
9:30–10:30 Meet with Undergraduate Students [Lobby BPB]
10:35 Virgilio Lopez will escort to Konover Auditorium  
11:00–12:30 Public lecture: "Solving Environmental Problems in the 21st Century: Who Will Lead the Way?"[Konover Auditorium]  
12:45–2:00 Lunch [Location?] {with John Volin, Bernard Goffinet} 
2:00–3:00 Meet with Environmental Literacy Working Group [Austin Bldg. Rm. 413]
3:15–3:45 Kent Holsinger (Dean Graduate School) [Biopharm 305A] 
3:45 Kent will escort to Young Bldg.
4:00–4:30 Greg Weideman (Dean CNRE)[Young Bldg. Rm. 208]
4:30 Mike Willig will escort to CESE
4:35 Gene Likens [CESE Administrative office]
5:00–6:00 Cocktails with Green Campus Academic Network (GCAN) [CESE] 
6:00 Dinner [Cafemantic] {with Ashley Helton, Morgan Tingley, Tim Vadas}

Saturday, April 23rd

7:00 am Breakfast [Nathan Hale?] followed by travel to airport {with Eric Schultz}
10:31 am departs on Delta flt 2457 from BDL