Invertebrate Zoology Fall 2015

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EEB 4275 Invertebrate Zoology Fall 2015


Textbook: TBD
Lecture: 9:05-10:35am M,W - TLS Rm #313
Lab: Wednesdays 1:25-4:25pm or 4:40-7:40pm TLS Rm #313


Professor: Dr. J.N. Caira
office: TLS 483
phone: 486-4060
email: Dr. Janine N. Caira

Teaching Assistant

Veronica Bueno
office: TLS 478
phone: 486-1882
email: Veronica Bueno

Important Documents

Lecture Syllabus:
Laboratory Schedule:
Grading Scheme:

Research Articles of the Week

Invertebrate Zoology is an incredibly active area of biological research. Check out some of the exciting research relevant to what we've learned in class! Find links in the lecture schedule.

Lecture Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. Check regularly for updates!

Date Topic Research article of the week!
AUG 31 Class organization; Introduction link to article of the week
SEP 09 TBD link to article of the week