Invertebrate Zoology Fall 2015

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EEB 4275 Invertebrate Zoology Fall 2015


Textbook: TBD
Lecture: 9:05-10:35am M,W - TLS Rm #313
Lab: Wednesdays 1:25-4:25pm or 4:40-7:40pm TLS Rm #313


Professor: Dr. J.N. Caira
office: TLS 483
phone: 486-4060
email: Dr. Janine N. Caira

Teaching Assistant

Veronica Bueno
office: TLS 478
phone: 486-1882
email: Veronica Bueno

Important Documents

Lecture Syllabus:
Laboratory Schedule:
Grading Scheme:

Research Articles of the Week

Lecture Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. Check regularly for updates!

Date Topic Research article of the week!
AUG 31 Class organization; Introduction link to article of the week
SEP 09 TBD link to article of the week