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The '''REVIEW SESSION''' for Exam 2 will be '''MONDAY, November 1st, 7 to 10pm in TLS 313''' (please bring a copy of the practice exam and study guide that you have looked over)
:{{pdf|}}Final Exam from 2008<br>
The '''REVIEW SESSION''' for the final will be determined this week in class. 

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Textbook: R.C. Brusca and G.J. Brusca. 2003. Invertebrates. 2nd ed. Sinauer Associates Inc.
Lecture: 9:00-9:50am M,W,F - TLS Rm #313
Lab: Wednesdays 1-4pm or 5-8pm

Professor: Dr. J.N. Caria
office: TLS 483
phone: 486-4060

TA: Maria Pickering
office: TLS 365
phone: 486-6067

Lecture Schedule: :Pdficon small.gif
Laboratory Schedule:  :Pdficon small.gif

Practice Exams and Study Guides:

Pdficon small.gifExam 1 from 2008
Pdficon small.gifStudy Guide for Exam 1

Pdficon small.gifExam 2 from 2008
Pdficon small.gifStudy Guide for Exam 2

Pdficon small.gifFinal Exam from 2008

The REVIEW SESSION for the final will be determined this week in class.

Cool Videos to Check out:
Cool video of a Nematomorph bursting out of a cricket!

Freshwater mussel captures fish to release its glochidia larvae!

TED Talk:Underwater Astonishments with amazing cephlapod footage

National Geographic Nudibranch video

TED Talk: Mantis Shrimp feeding--fastest feeding strike of all animals!

Other Links of Interest:
Invert of the Month! The Florida Museum of Natural History has great resources and links--check them out by visiting the Invert of the Month! and continue exploring from there!

The Cephalopod Page
Monterey Bay Aquarium's Invert Page

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