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'''Research Article of the Week!!'''<br/>
Week 1: <br/>
Week 2: [http://www.jstor.org/stable/3227198 Discovery of a basement membrane in Homoschleromorph larvae!!]<br/>
'''Cool Videos to Check out:'''<br/>
'''Cool Videos to Check out:'''<br/>

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Textbook: R.C. Brusca and G.J. Brusca. 2003. Invertebrates. 2nd ed. Sinauer Associates Inc.
Lecture: 9:00-9:50am M,W,F - TLS Rm #313
Lab: Wednesdays 1-4pm or 5-8pm

Professor: Dr. J.N. Caria
office: TLS 483
phone: 486-4060
email: janine.caira@uconn.edu

TA: Frank Smith
office: BioPharm 322
phone: 486-6215
email: frank.smith@uconn.edu

Important Documents
Lecture Syllabus: Pdficon small.gif
Laboratory Schedule: Pdficon small.gif
Grading Scheme: Pdficon small.gif
Invertebrate Classification: Pdficon small.gif
Invertebrate Higher Taxon Names: Pdficon small.gif

Research Article of the Week!!
Week 1:

Week 2: Discovery of a basement membrane in Homoschleromorph larvae!!

Cool Videos to Check out:
Cool video of a Nematomorph bursting out of a cricket!

Freshwater mussel captures fish to release its glochidia larvae!

TED Talk:Underwater Astonishments with amazing cephlapod footage

National Geographic Nudibranch video

TED Talk: Mantis Shrimp feeding--fastest feeding strike of all animals!

Other Links of Interest:
Invert of the Month! The Florida Museum of Natural History has great resources and links--check them out by visiting the Invert of the Month! and continue exploring from there!

The Cephalopod Page
Monterey Bay Aquarium's Invert Page

Creature Cast Dr. Casey Dunn, Professor of Invertebrate Zoology at Brown University, has his undergraduate students create artistic interpretations of the natural history of invertebrate animals! These video projects and student friendly descriptions of exciting discoveries in invertebrate biology can be found at the Creature Cast blog.