Ian Gilman Visit

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Hosts: Paul Lewis, Yaowu Yuan
Lodging: Suman Neupane

Thursday, February 2

Ian will arrive by bus at UConn bookstore on Storrs campus about 4:30pm.
6 pm: Dinner - Paul Lewis, Louise Lewis, and Suman Neupane, Main Street Cafe, Willimantic

Friday, February 3

Time Name Room
10:00 Paul Lewis TLS 164
10:30 Paul Lewis TLS 164
11:00 Paul Lewis TLS 164
11:30 Annette Evans
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Kent Holsinger BioPharm 3rd. floor office
2:15 Yuan Lab Research Greenhouse
2:30 Yuan Lab Research Greenhouse
3:00 Bernard Goffinet BioPharm 300
6:00 DINNER: Yuan's house with lab folks

Saturday, February 4

Yauwu Yuan picks up Ian from Suman's appartment and transports him to Hartford train station