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Please visit my main website here.

Email: Hamid.Razyfard@UConn.edu


<justify>I am a PhD candidate in Dr. Les Lab. I am studying waterworts (genus Elatine L. for my PhD dissertation. Elatinaceae Dumortier (common name: waterwort family) are a family of aquatic plants in the order Malpighiales and comprise about 50 species worldwide . These are cosmopolitan aquatic plants, which grow in both northern and southern hemispheres from temperate to tropical zones; however, the greatest diversity of the family is in temperate zones . Most species of the family are annual herbs, although a few species are small perennial shrubs. Tucker (1986) described the general morphology of the family as follows: herbaceous or suffrutescent, annual or perennial plants, which are found in aquatic or moist terrestrial habitats. Elatinaceae include two fairly species-rich genera: Elatine L. (common name: waterworts) with about 25 species and Bergia L. (common name: bergia) with 20 to 25 species.</justify>

Dissertation research

My dissertation research is on the aquatic plant genus Elatine L. (Elatinaceae)