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Office: TLS 381

Voice: (860) 486-4555

Fax: (860) 486-6364


Home page:

Mailing address:

75 N. Eagleville Road, Unit 3043
Storrs, CT 06269-3043, U.S.A.

Research interests:

Systematics and evolution of vascular plants, especially tropical Solanaceae; pollination and reproductive biology; evolution of domesticated plants; ethnobotany.

Selected publications:

Bernardello, G., Anderson, G.J., Stuessy, T.F., and Crawford, D.J. 2007. The angiosperm flora of the Archipelago Juan Fernandez (Chile): Origin and dispersal. Canadian Journal of Botany

Blanca, Jose M., Prohens, Jaime, Anderson, Gregory J., Zuriaga, Elena, Canizares, Joaquin, and Nuez, Fernando 2007. AFLP and DNA Sequence variation in an Andean Domesticate, Pepino (Solanum Muricatum, Solanaceae): Implications for Evolution and Domestication. American Journal of Botany 94(7): 1219-1229.

Prohens, Jaime, Anderson, Gregory J., Herraiz, F. Javier, Bernardello, Gabriel, Santos-Guerra, Arnoldo, Crawford, Daniel, Nuez, Fernando 2007. Genetic diversity and conservation of two endangered eggplant relatives (Solanum vespertilio Aiton and Solanum lidii Sunding) endemic to the Canary Islands. Genet Resour Crop Evol 54: 451-464.

Anderson, G.J., Prohens, J., Nunez, F., and Martine, C. 2006. Solanum catilliflorum and S. perlongistylum, New Endemic Peruvian Species of Solanum, Section Basartrum, are Close RElatives of the Domesticated Pepino, S. muricatum. Novon 16 (2): 161-167.

Coe, Felix and Anderson, G. J. 2005. Snakebite ethnopharmacopoeia of eastern Nicaragua. Journal of Enthnopharmacology 96: 303-323.

Bernardello, Gabriel, Aguilar, Ramiro, and Anderson, Gregory J. 2004. The reproductive biology of Sophora fernandeziana (Leguminosae), a vunerable endemic species from Isla Robinson Crusoe. American Journal of Botany 91: 198-206.

Neal, Paul R., and Anderson, Gregory J. 2004. Does the 'Old Bag' make a Good 'Wind Bag'?: Comparison of Four Fabrics Commonly Used as Exclusion Bags in Studies of Pollination and Reproductive Biology. Annals of Botany 93: 603-607.

Prohens, J., Anderson, G. J., Rodriguez-Burruezo, A., Heiser, C. B., and Nunez, F. 2004. Descriptors for pepino (Solanum muricatum) and wild relatives (Solanum section Basarthrum). International Plant Genetic Resources Institute

Anderson, G. J., Bernardello, G., Lopez, P., Crawford, D. J. and Stuessy, T. 2000. Reproductive biology of Wahlenbergia (Campanulaceae) endemic to Robinson Crusoe Island (Chile). Plant Systematics and Evolution 223: 109-123.

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